Spotify Launches Token-Enabled Playlists for NFT Holders

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  • Spotify, a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, is now testing a new feature called “token-enabled playlists”. 
  • As part of the test, Kingship has launched a unique playlist that can only be accessed by those who hold a Kingship key card NFT.

The Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, Spotify, has launched a trial of a new feature called “token-enabled playlists.” This feature enables owners of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to link their digital wallets to their Spotify account, providing them with access to hand-picked song collections

Kingship, a metaverse band affiliated with Universal Music Group, recently revealed through a series of tweets that Spotify is testing a feature where playlists can be unlocked via NFTs in specific locations. As part of the test, Kingship has launched a unique playlist that can only be accessed by those who hold a Kingship key card (NFT).

The band provided a list of instructions that include connecting a cryptocurrency wallet such as Trust Wallet, Metamask, Zerion, Rainbow, or Ledger Live to verify the NFT that grants access to the playlist.

The pilot is, however, only accessible to Android users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. During the three-month trial period, the curated playlists will be constantly updated, and only community members will be able to access them via a unique URL.

Spotify stated that it has conducted tests to improve the overall customer experience and diligently pursue its goals and technological advancements. Some of these tests end up being incorporated into the larger user experience, while others are used as valuable lessons for future developments.

However, Spotify has not disclosed any further details about its plans to use this particular functionality on a wider scale.

On the surface, Spotify appears to be a mere music platform, yet there’s so much to it. The platform boasts over 489 million subscribers globally and has previously explored the possibility of incorporating NFTs into its service, which is an important factor for its long-term success and promises to draw in developers. In May 2022, Spotify granted a handful of musicians, such as Steve Aoki and The Wombats, permission to promote their NFTs on their profiles.

Overlord, a Web3 gaming and media universe, also announced on Feb. 22 that owners of its lizard-themed Creepz NFT project might access its community-curated “Invasion” soundtrack by connecting their Web3 wallets to Spotify.

NFTs have already gained traction in the art world, music industry, and gaming sector, among others, but wider adoption is dependent on addressing issues such as high transaction fees, environmental concerns, and regulatory challenges. As more people become aware of NFTs and their potential, it’s possible that they will become more accessible and easier to use, leading to wider adoption across various industries and sectors.

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