Cryptocurrency Giants Dogecoin and Bitcoin Join Historic Lunar Journey Aboard ULA’s Vulcan Centaur Rocket

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  • Dogecoin and Bitcoin are part of a historic space journey via the United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur rocket.
  • The cargo includes a Dogecoin replica and the Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander for NASA’s initiative, marking a significant collaboration between cryptocurrency and space exploration industries.

In a revolutionary development, Dogecoin and Bitcoin are transcending earthly bounds today as they hitch a ride aboard the United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Vulcan Centaur rocket. The Dogecoin Foundation’s recent social media update confirmed the rocket’s payload includes a physical replica of DOGE, accompanying NASA’s vital Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander.

Simultaneously, BitMex exchange, led by founder Arthur Hayes, announced their plan to propel Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, on this momentous lunar trajectory. Dubbed “Bitcoin to the Moon” by Hayes, the mission signifies a legendary chapter in cryptocurrency history.

The Mission Unveiled

The Vulcan Centaur heavy-lift launch vehicle, after a series of delays spanning five years, marks its inaugural flight today, bearing the Peregrine lunar lander for NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. The intricate voyage of DOGE and BTC to the moon encompasses nine distinct stages, commencing from liftoff to achieving a high elliptical orbit before landing on the lunar surface.

This collaboration between the crypto sphere and space exploration marks a significant milestone for both industries, captivating enthusiasts worldwide. At the time of this writing, the launch has successfully occurred without any reported issues, affirming the official beginning of Dogecoin and Bitcoin’s lunar journey.

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