ETH and InQubeta (QUBE): Prime Crypto Investments of 2024 Poised for Remarkable Growth

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  • Ethereum (ETH) showcases strong momentum, breaking the $2,400 resistance level and eyeing previous highs near $4,627.
  • InQubeta (QUBE), an emerging DeFi project on Ethereum, displays substantial potential with 175% gains at the close of 2023, raising over $8 million in its presale.

As Ethereum (ETH) surges past the $2,400 resistance level, setting its sights on previous heights around $4,627, investors are increasingly considering it a prime cryptocurrency investment. The recent price fluctuations, climbing as high as $2,438 and stabilizing around $2,200-$2,300, mark the highest levels since the 2022 market crash. Analysts speculate that ETH’s current momentum hints at a potential resurgence to reclaim its peak from 2021.

Simultaneously, within the Ethereum ecosystem, InQubeta (QUBE), a novel DeFi project, emerges as a promising investment avenue. Concluding 2023 with a remarkable 175% increase in value, QUBE’s presale has already amassed over $8 million. This platform stands distinctively against traditional investment avenues by eliminating earnings and geographical restrictions, focusing exclusively on the rapidly expanding domain of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

InQubeta recognized as one of the premier NFT crypto projects, leverages Ethereum’s network functionalities to establish an efficient investment framework. Its native token, QUBE, operating as both an ERC20 coin and governance token, anchors the project’s ecosystem.

The innovative approach involves AI startups minting investment opportunities into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that undergo fractionalization before integration into the ERC20 token list. This process revolutionizes how AI firms engage with their communities, leveraging NFT-backed tokens to secure capital for advancing their projects.

The NFTs issued by these startups mimic the principles of stocks, accruing value alongside the growth of their market capitalization. Notably, their valuation rests on tangible assets rather than mere speculation, setting them apart from many popular NFTs.

Democratizing AI Investments with InQubeta

The landscape of artificial intelligence harbours immense promise, witnessing unprecedented advancements across various domains, including robotics and machine learning. However, traditionally, investing in such innovative startups has posed challenges, primarily restricted to those with exclusive connections or substantial financial prerequisites.

InQubeta disrupts this narrative, empowering investors to bypass stringent eligibility criteria democratizing access to AI investments. By harnessing blockchain technology, smart contracts, and NFTs, InQubeta streamlines the investment process, ensuring transparency and providing investors a voice in the project’s future trajectory.

In the broader Ethereum landscape, recent statistics reveal Ethereum-based protocols securing a total value locked (TVL) exceeding other blockchains. Ethereum’s Layer 2 solutions hold over $20.7 billion, surpassing the combined locked volume of $19.6 billion across other blockchains. Despite reporting 81% gains in the past year, Ethereum is poised for potential growth, particularly influenced by Bitcoin’s price projections, historically mirroring ETH charts to a certain extent.

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