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Zilliqa Joins Gaming Space With Shooter Game WEB3WAR



  • Zilliqa, a Blockchain firm announced the name of its First shooter game a day before attending Europe’s biggest video game trade fair Gamescom.
  • Gamescom commenced yesterday with a two-hour Opening Night Live presentation, hosted by The Game Awards Geoff Keighley.

Zilliqa announced the name of its First Person shooter (FPS) game WEB3WAR just a day before Europe’s biggest video game fair which kicked off yesternight. The six-day event started off virtually yesterday.

Unlike 2020, the video game industry market size increased by 14.4% leading to $178.7Billion with some predicting that by 2025, the market would have hit $268Billion.Data from Emergen state that FPS games are wildly popular in electronic sports(ESPORTS) which is most favorable for Zilliqa.

The in-built design and the focus on gameplay make it unique from other  Blockchain games. This makes it easy to choose, play, and enjoy right from the start.

The team, unlike others, has chosen to adopt Skill-to-play instead of the commonly used play-to-earn game model. Additionally,  Zilliqa has handled the game with an AAA-level approach to game development.

The skill-to-earn model serves as a sustainable business approach where a player will be able to earn rewards in form of customized items and tokens. this means that how a player lays equalizes the value of the reward.

Players will be able to purchase in-game tokens and digital items inform of customized skins like helmets armors or weapons for a character player. By the skill-to-earn model, the game will be suitable for all profile players where the rewards garnered equal the time a player spends playing.

Other features included in the game are:

  • Five unique gaming maps with additional maps coming soon
  • Multiplayer settings available with a best-in-class software stack
  • Cross-play and cross-progression at the core of the game architecture
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

 Matt Dyer, Head of Growth at Zilliqa mentioned: “We’re on a mission to help gamers adopt crypto and welcome them into the Zilliqa community. Web3War is a game designed to meet the preferences of modern gamers, and also offer them a fresh experience — by introducing the opportunity to earn rewards as they have fun. Our focus is on creating a game that not only has utility but also has the player’s enjoyment at its heart

Since the introduction of the game, Zilliqa has experienced a 1.16% plunge where the coin is currently trading for $0.0376


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