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XRP’s Bullish Journey: From Legal Victory to Potential Price Surges

  • XRP’s Monthly Time Frame chart showcases an uptrend, likened to a train with significant momentum.
  • A court ruling on July 13 favored Ripple in the SEC lawsuit, causing a temporary price spike above $0.90.

XRP’s recent journey in the crypto market can be likened to a train with significant momentum, according to insights shared by EGRAG CRYPTO. A closer look at the Monthly Time Frame chart emphasizes the importance of solid candle bodies in defining the market’s structure. Since its lows in June, XRP has been on an uptrend, and EGRAG CRYPTO suggests that the “train” has set its course.

XRP’s price movements became particularly interesting following the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple. In a surprising turn of events on July 13, the court ruled in favor of Ripple, declaring that XRP is not a security. This decision led to a temporary spike in XRP’s price, pushing it above $0.90 for the first time since April 2022. However, this joy was short-lived, and the currency soon faced a decline.

According to an analysis by TradingShot, XRP’s decline saw it drop below the 1D MA50, eventually touching the 1-day MA200 and the 1-week MA50. These levels now serve as a strong support zone for XRP. With the observation of the 1-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) forming higher lows, there is anticipation of a pattern similar to what was seen on January 02, 2023, and June 13, 2022. Drawing parallels from past market dynamics, XRP might be headed for a bullish turn.

Further, TradingShot remains optimistic about XRP’s future, setting a medium-term price target of $0.56750 for October and a long-term aim of $0.9300 for January 2024.

Ongoing Legal Battles and Market Response

Currently, XRP trades at approximately $0.50, registering daily gains of around 0.65%. Over the last week, the cryptocurrency has showcased stability. However, it’s essential to note that the SEC case will continue to influence XRP’s valuation. As the SEC plans its appeal and the trial for XRP executives looms next year, the crypto community awaits further developments.

With the recent legal victory boosting investor confidence and technical indicators suggesting a bullish future, there’s a buzz in the market about XRP’s potential to even touch the $7 mark. Only time will reveal the true trajectory of this cryptocurrency.

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