XRPL Community on Alert: Beware of Fake Xumm Plugin Targeting Wallet Users

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  • XRPL community alerts users to a fake Xumm plugin aimed at stealing funds from unsuspecting individuals.
  • Warning signs include typographical errors in the fake plugin, while the genuine Xumm Wallet primarily exists on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The XRPL community recently sounded the alarm over a counterfeit Xumm plugin infiltrating the Chrome web store, set up to deceive and siphon funds from unsuspecting users. The Xumm Wallet, a prominent platform in the XRPL ecosystem, often attracts malicious attention. Users detected the fraudulent extension, even as it amassed over 40 positive reviews, a ploy to persuade individuals of its authenticity. However, experienced eyes spotted telltale typographical errors in its description, unlike the original Xumm wallet, alerting them to the potential danger.

Further inspection revealed a stark contrast between the genuine Xumm Wallet, primarily accessible via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and the fraudulent plugin masquerading on the Chrome web store. The actual Xumm Wallet boasts a substantial user base of over 600,000 active users, while the sham plugin has 42 users, signaling a significant discrepancy in their legitimacy.

Users are strongly advised against installing the fake plugin, emphasizing that the risks far outweigh any curiosity. The appropriate action is to promptly report the plugin until Google takes the necessary measures for its removal.

Xumm’s Ongoing Enhancements Amid Security Alerts

While vigilance remains essential to combat such deceptive attempts, the XRPL Labs team swiftly addresses these concerns. Moreover, amidst these security alerts, Xumm continues its trajectory of improvement by expanding its fiat channels.

In a recent move in late October, Xumm collaborated with Uphold to offer zero-fee XRP purchases. This strategic partnership signals Xumm’s commitment to enhancing its services, enabling more accessible XRP purchases while ensuring users’ security. Additionally, the integration of SimpleSwap and over 100 payment channels bolsters the platform, facilitating more accessible access to XRP and boosting the XRPL ecosystem’s liquidity.

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