The Bitcoin Drama in Newport: Unearthing a Lost Fortune

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  • A modern treasure hunt unfolds as James Howells searches for 8,000 lost Bitcoins.
  • The Bitcoins, now valued at over €192 million, are believed to be buried in a Newport landfill.

Decades ago, the early pioneers of the Bitcoin world could hardly fathom the digital goldmine they were creating. James Howells, once an enthusiastic participant in the crypto ecosystem, found himself in a remarkably fortunate yet challenging situation, owning a staggering 8,000 Bitcoins. However, fate would lead him to lose track of their exact location.

In a story that resembles a modern-day treasure hunt, James Howells believes that his substantial stash of Bitcoins, valued at over €192 million as of September 12, 2023, lies buried beneath layers of refuse in a landfill site in Newport, Wales. The unfortunate incident occurred in August 2013 when Howells, using his IT expertise, unintentionally discarded the hard drive during an office clean-up. By the time he realized his colossal mistake, the discarded items had been transported to their final resting place by city services.

Since this revelation, Howells has been on an unwavering mission to regain access to his digital treasure trove. However, his journey has been far from smooth. Over the years, he has found himself entangled in numerous disputes with Newport’s city administration.

The Battle for Retrieval

Not one to give up, James Howells has intensified his efforts. With the intention to excavate the landfill until he locates the elusive hard drive, he has issued a call to action to the city officials. Unfortunately, Newport remains hesitant to grant the necessary permissions for such an operation, possibly due to concerns about operational disruptions and potential risks.

The plot thickened when Howells engaged legal counsel. With his legal team at his side, he sent a letter to the city council, strongly urging that his excavation project begins by September 18. If the city fails to comply, Howells’ legal team is prepared to escalate the matter, potentially seeking not only clearance for their excavation project but also pursuing a damage claim and an injunction against other landfill activities.

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