Shiba Inu’s Burn Rate Soars: An In-Depth Analysis of Token Incineration Surge

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  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) recently experienced a significant increase in its burn rate.
  • In a 24-hour period, a staggering 79 million SHIB tokens were burned, largely attributed to three wallets.

In an astonishing 24-hour whirlwind, Shiba Inu (SHIB), the famous meme token entrenched in the Shibarium network, experienced a burn rate that can only be described as astronomical. As per meticulous data obtained from, an astounding 79 million SHIB tokens were obliterated by various investors. What adds intrigue to this scenario is that this substantial token incineration can be largely attributed to just three wallets.

Taking the lead in this burning frenzy is wallet 0x7d0c490. In a recent transaction, just moments before this report, this wallet annihilated approximately 1,660,008 SHIB tokens. What’s noteworthy is that this isn’t an isolated event; this wallet has a track record of token burns, with previous counts including 657k SHIB and a significant 4.8 million SHIB. When combined, this wallet alone is responsible for the destruction of approximately 7 million SHIB. Meanwhile, another key player in this ecosystem, wallet 0x009bb72, also contributed by burning approximately 695.6K SHIB tokens in the same time frame.

Dominant Burner: Wallet 0x4be2b2c4

However, the title of the top token burner undeniably belongs to wallet 0x4be2b2c4. During this surge, this wallet incinerated no less than 71 million SHIB tokens. Breaking down this colossal number, there were approximately 14 distinct burn transactions, with the most substantial burn amounting to a staggering 21.2 million SHIB. Additionally, significant burns of 8 million and 6 million tokens were also recorded. It’s worth noting that this wallet has exhibited a voracious appetite for token burning, erasing hundreds of millions of SHIB in just the past week.

What makes this surge in burn rate genuinely intriguing is its timing. At a point when SHIB’s burn rates were showing signs of decline, this unexpected spike emerged. Market observers have not missed this development. In light of this accelerated burn rate, SHIB’s price dynamics underwent fluctuations. Specifically, within this 24-hour period, SHIB’s price trajectory climbed from $0.000007565 to $0.00000769, marking an increase of approximately 1.5%. It is evident that these recent token incinerations played a role in steering these slight price shifts.

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